Residents reminded to remain calm

Published 1:57 am Wednesday, March 19, 2003

By By Paul Keane
While retaliatory strikes against American would not likely hit in Atmore, there are still some precautions residents need to take while U.S. troops are battling in Iraq.
Atmore Public Safety Director Glenn Carlee says that keeping a cool head and using common sense will help avert any problems in the area.
"People just need to remain calm," Carlee said. "Don't panic, and don't do anything that will create problems with panic and hysteria. I feel certain that retaliation will happen, but it most likely be in the larger cities in America."
Carlee did point out that scams and other cons are prevalent during times or war and national crisis, and that residents should be on the lookout for those types of things.
"I think where residents here will be taken advantage of will be on the Internet," Carlee said. "There are people that will prey on the fears of others, trying to sell gas masks, security equipment and other items that may not be all they are cracked up to be.
"My advice would be to thoroughly check out any type of offer being made, and to be very, very careful about giving out any information – especially financial information – over the phone or through the Internet."
Carlee said his departments will be working closely with the Emergency Management Agency locally and on a countywide level as war continues in Iraq.
"Once the EMA is given its directives, then we will work in conjunction with all the agencies in the county," Carlee said. "A lot of what we will end up doing will depend on the level of alert that this area is placed under, but we will work closely with the EMA and other agencies to do what needs to be done to help."

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