Albritton : Attitude, teamwork crucial to attract industry

Published 2:19 am Monday, March 24, 2003

By By Paul Keane
MONTGOMERY – Attracting industry – specifically an automotive supplier – to Atmore will take positive attitudes and plenty of teamwork, a state representative said on Thursday.
State Representative Greg Albritton, who represents portions of Atmore and grew up in Nokomis, said while Tier 1 automotive suppliers to Hyundai are beginning to announce sites to locate in, Atmore is not out of the hunt to benefit from the massive automotive plant being built in Hope Hull.
"You have to remember that you are going to have two or three levels of suppliers coming to the state," Albritton said. "Most of them are choosing sites that are south of Montgomery, which is a positive movement for everyone in the area.
"I've been told that several areas in my district are being looked at by suppliers, but nothing definite has been announced. I would think that we and Atmore are certainly in a positive position to attract some of those suppliers."
Industry experts predict that as many as 14 Tier 1 suppliers could relocated to Alabama. Currently, five have announced plans to locate in South Alabama, with many of them being near or around Montgomery and Greenville. Albritton said he expects some announcements to begin happening soon across the area.
"My understanding is that they want to be up and running as soon as possible," Albritton said. "Since Hyundai has set a date to be fully operational, the suppliers have to work ahead of that deadline to be up and running in order to provide the supplies to the larger plants."
Albritton said teamwork and a positive outlook will only help make Atmore attractive to suppliers.
"This is a concern that our relations with one another could be better," he said. "With this new development, we need to be ready for more acceptance and be more willing to come together as a team.
"And we need to be careful of the image and the attitude that we portray right now. Things that are said in the coffee shops, restaurants and stores are a reflection on our community.
"And I can promise you that whatever is said in the community – both good and bad – is being relayed right back to Seoul and to the corporate headquarters of these companies. With the technology of cell phones and computers that we now have, everything that is being said and done is being sent right back to Seoul immediately."

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