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Published 2:13 am Monday, March 24, 2003

By Staff
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On Nov. 2002 there was a billboard on I-65N that almost shouted out "It's the Law. All plumbers will pass the State Certification Test. All those who fail will not receive a license to work."
On Feb. 20, 2003 I saw another billboard on I-65N that had a picture of our ex-Governor. under his picture was the following message, "You must use a 'Certified Plumber' because it's the law. Using anyone other than is illegal." This governor was the one who wanted to have a "lottery" so that he could give more money to Alabama Education to hire more teachers. Strange for the ex-governor to be so adamant about certification. Did the ex-governor know that he wanted the Alabama Education Association to do something illegal like hiring "Uncertified Teachers"? Because the law states "All teachers will pass the State Certification Test. Those that fail will not receive a license to teach." The law states "Certified Teachers only."
Here is my "What If": What if the "certification" for teachers is not being recognized and there are some non-certified teachers on the payroll? The State of Florida states that all their teachers are state tested and state certified. There must be a reason for certification!
Robert Bolcavitch
Arbor Day was first celebrated in 1872 by J. Sterling Morton. The holiday spread to every state in the nation and many other countries around the world.
This year, Atmore was named a Tree City USA by the National Arbor Day Foundation. Mayor Howard Shell has helped in every way with the promotion of Arbor Day in Atmore. All the schools and parks and private homes have cooperated with me in beautifying the city with flowers and shrubs and mulch.
We were given the last week in February as our week to celebrate Arbor Day. Our week was set up by the National Arbor Day Foundation.
Trees make a difference in our environment. As trees grow they remove carbon dioxide from the air storing carbon in the trees and soil releasing oxygen into the atmosphere. Trees can shade your home in the summer and slow winter wind. We want to provide Arbor Day Foundation members and the general public the best information to help them be successful in planting trees.
John Rosenow, foundation president, said, "when J. Sterling Morton spoke that other holidays repose to the past, Arbor Day proposes for the future." In 1822, he launched what became a movement felt around the world.
Today, Arbor Day brings together neighbors, school children and community organizations to plant trees that will help clean the air and beautify our neighborhood.
Yvonne Yeldon,
Member of National Board of Arbor Day Foundation

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