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Published 2:32 am Wednesday, March 26, 2003

By Staff
Your View
By Merriline Garrett
American Legion Auxiliary, Unit No. 90
America is now at war wtih Iraq, and we are losing troops that are being killed, injured and taken as prisoners of war.
It's so very sad and heartbreaking, but this is the price they are paying for this freedom we enjoy. They are going there to keep them hopefully from coming in America and just think what kind of life we would have if we were under their rule. We need to thank God everyday for this country that we live in.
We must also remember the ones here that we have in State Veteran Homes, V.A. Hospitals and homeless veterans that have already given this sacrifice for all of us. We will be having more in the future that are fighting now.
Let's pray that they don't torture our P.O.W.'s like they seem to enjoy doing. And that they can return home safe and in good health.
Some of us are in the habit of forgetting our veterans while we are not at war. We must never forget the sacrifices they made and are making for us. Please, please, I urge you to join our American Legion Auxiliary Unit No. 90 here in Atmore so we can help more of our veterans.
You paying dues of $15 a year for adults and $6 a year for juniors 18 years and younger helps. We need your membership, which in turn also helps our veterans. If you have any time to spare, we can surely use your help.
If you need any information or have any questions, I'll be more than glad to help you any way I can. Let's show all our veterans that we do care. God Bless America.

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