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Published 4:28 am Monday, April 28, 2003

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April 12
In the Bomber feature, Brandon Harris came in first, Jeremy Foster came in second, Jon Cranford came in third, and Levi Wales came in fourth. In the Heat Race, Foster was first, followed by (2) Harris, (3) Cranford, and (4) Wales.
In the Street Stock Feature, the rankings were as follows: (1) Ed Vick, (2) Travis Salter, (3) Rusty Hardy, (4) Billy Hoover, (5) Huck Gibson, (6) Joey Inman, (7) Larry Hamelton, (8) Chad Jordan, (9) David Edmonson, (10) Bobby Resmondo. In the first heat race the rankings were: (1) Bobby Resmondo, (2) Ed Vick, and (3) Travis Salter. In the second heat race, the rankings were: (1) Marty Vann, (2) David Emmons, (3) Rusty Hardy.
In the Hobby Stock feature, the rankings were: (1) Heath Gibson, (2) Ricky Rutherford, (3) Freddie McCall III, (4) David Kyzer, (5) Shawn Andrews, (6) Joey Settle, (7) Ronnie Hardy, (8) Garrett Tindell. In the first heat race the ranking was (1) Ricky Rutherford, (2) Ronnie Hardy, (3) Freddie McCall III. In the second heat race, the ranking was (1) Heath Gibson, (2) David Kyzer, (3) Joey Settle.
In the late Model Feature the rank was (1) Shane Rushing, (2) Allen Taylor, (3) Todd Jones, and (4) Keith House. In the heat race, the rank was (1) Allen Taylor, (2) Shane Rushing, (3) Todd Jones, (4) Keith House, (5) Dewayne Morris, (6) Brian Daniels.
April 19
In the bomber feature Brandon Harris took first, Levi Wales took second, and Jim Pokrant took third. In the heat race, Brandon Harriss took first, Levi Wales took second, and Jim Pokrant took third.
In the street stock feature the rankings were: 1) Bobby Resmondo, 2) Daniel Goodale, 3) Edward Vick, 4) Jarrod Johns, 5) Albert Hastings, 6) Huck Gibson, 7) Chad Jordan, 8) Larry Hamelton, 9) Eric Hastings, 10) David Edmonson. In the street stock heat 1 the rankings were: 1) Jarrod johns, 2) Albert Hastings, 3) Joey Inman. In the Street Stock heat 2, 1) Daniel Goodale, 2) Albert Hastings, 3) David Edmonson. In the Street Stock Heat 3, 1) Bobby Resmondo, 2) Joseph Cook, 3) Mark Brown.
In the Hobby Feature the rankings were: 1) Ben Ellison, 2) Heath Gibson, 3) Freddie Wayne McCall III, 4) Joey Settle, 5) Ricky Rutherford, 6) Garrett Tindal, 7) Tim Hale, 8) Shawn Andrews, 9) Nick White. In the Hobby Heat 1, 1) Ben Ellison, 2) Freddie McCall III, 3) Ronnie Hardy. In the Hobby Heat 2, 1) Heath Gibson, 2) Joey Settle, 3) Garrett Tindal.
In the Late Model Feature, Rickey Haugen took first, Nathan Ingersoll took second, and Keith House took third. In the Late model heat, the rankings were Nathan ingersoll, Ricky Haugen, and Keith House.

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