Community Pride Essay Contest Winners

Published 5:14 am Monday, May 12, 2003

By Staff
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Editor's note: A total of four essays took first prizes in the Atmore Community Pride Essay Contest. Two of those essays appear here today and two more will appear in next Sunday's issue.
First Place: 5th Grade
Aundrea Garrison
Community pride is an important portion in our peaceful lives in Atmore. Without it, our lives would not be the same. This proves that Atmore is the right city with just the right amount of community pride.
One thing about Atmore is its ravishing parks. They have elegant, freshly-cut grasses that have almost no weeds. Also, there is no danger that can cause major damage. We should take more pride in our parks.
Of course the parks are grand, but they would not be so grand without Atmore's superior police and firefighter services. Police and firefighters are worthy of acquiring our gratitude. Their heroic action has secured our safety many times. If it wasn't for them, many of us probably wouldn't be here now.
Clean roads and highways are important to our safety. If we didn't have clean roads and highways we would probably have a slew of accidents. We are safely driving on clean roads and highways without the slightest accident happening because of untidy roads.
Yes, community pride is the way to go. We need to show more community pride towards our city so that we can have faith that it's there. You can gain community pride by having trust and showing loyalty to the town or city. Community pride comes from the heart. Community pride is really an important part of our lives.
First Place: 6th Grade
Andrea Nall
Escambia Academy
What Community Pride Means to Me.
Community pride means caring, cleaning, sponsoring, and providing for the community. Caring is a part of community pride because caring for the community we live in is a part of keeping the community here. Without care, the community would not be able to survive and no one would want to live in it.
Cleaning is another part of community pride in that if the community was not clean, who would want to live in it? I would not want to live in a community where the streets are dirty with trash, the people speak like trash, and all of the houses and buildings looked like trash.
Sponsorship in the community is important because everyone likes a community this is sponsored (or bolstered) by lots of people and their familys. Sponsoring also is a reason that we have all of our sports and other things in the community that we enjoy.
Last, providing for our community is a part of having community pride because we have to have people providing all kinds of natural or man-made resources constantly for the community to keep the people and animals of the community alive and happy.
To conclude my essay, community pride is a very important part of the country because without community pride, why would we have pride in our country?

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