To Cadet Petty Officer 2nd Class Flowers

Published 5:21 am Wednesday, May 14, 2003

By By Lindsey Sherrill
This weekend I had the honor (and shock of my life) of being crowned Miss Atmore 2003. I know a lot of people won't believe this, but I really never even thought about winning. I decided to do the pageant just because it sounded like fun and it was something to do. I still cannot believe I was chosen over the other beautiful young ladies who were contestants. For these girls and all my new and old friends, this is for you.
To Miss Atmore 2002 Katie Welch: Getting to know you over the last few days was great. You have such a way of making people feel at ease and I can't wait to see you again.
To Shelby Hester: You are so much fun to be around! Your math GPA amazes me and your athleticism is awesome. Keep on smiling!
To Meagan Bell: I never really knew you until these last three or four weeks, but now I count you one of my good friends. You are a great girl and so beautiful. That pink dress was perfect on you!
To Christina Henderson: What can I say? I don't know anyone else as much fun as you are to be around. You are so crazy! Don't ever change!! Let's go to McDonald's sometime, okay?
To Heather James: You are another person I never really took the time to get to now until now. You are so beautiful and talented and I wish you the best in everything you do, both now and in the future.
To Jessie McKinley: I can't imagine anyone who could be sweeter. You really are beautiful, inside and out. Keep shinning!
To Tracey Coleman: I know I say this almost everyday, but you are gorgeous! Not only are you beautiful, but I count you as one of my best friends. I'll never forget that you were one of the first people to welcome me when I was the "new kid" at school. No matter what the judges say, you will always be the real winner to me.
To Stephanie Gehman: You really are Miss Congeniality! Getting to know you was awesome. Good luck with Vanderbilt and keep in touch!
To the Adam's family: Thanks for making this possible and becoming my new friends!
And finally, to Cadet Petty Officer 2nd Class John Flowers: I'm so sorry I forgot your name during introductions. You were a great escort. Thank you for having the courage to stand on that stage. I promise you, I will never, ever forget your name again!!
And thank you, Atmore, for letting me become your representative for the next year. I hope I don't let you down.
Lindsey Sherrill is a staff writer/columnist at The Atmore Advance. You can reach her at 368-2123 or by e-mail at

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