Artist walks the walk

Published 8:49 am Monday, August 25, 2003

By By Connie Nowlin Managing editor
The little church on Lottie Road is getting a face lift with the help of one of the parishioners, who in turn is getting a hand from the Almighty.
"When God gives you a talent, you should use it for him," said Wanda Hadley of Perdido.
She is painting a mural on her church, The Fountain of Living Waters, a non-denominational church with about 30 members.
"I give God the glory because I've had no professional training, only what God has taught me," she said.
Hadley said the church is small, but mighty things come from it. She has seen healing and other miracles, she said, and believes they come from the faith of those who attend services there.
She had decided she wanted to create the mural on the building simply because of the challenge it presented to her as an artist, and because she is a member of the church.
"This church has been good to me, like a second family," she said.
The timing for the artwork was decided because the church will be the site for a series of revivals Aug. 24-27. The revivals will feature evangelist Bobby Carnley.
Pastor of the church is Eula Price, who is enthusiastic about the new paint job.
"People are used to the traditional white church, and ours was white, too. But we are not your traditional church," she said.
Price hopes that the mural, which she calls a great idea, will bring change to the lives of those who see it on their daily travels in the area.
"We're hoping they will get the meaning, and we hope it will brighten up the day of people who drive by. Maybe if they get curious about what's on the outside, they will want to see what is going on on the inside."
Price said the mural already was making a difference with the parishioners. She said it makes them feel good when they drive up.
"We're just in awe," she said, speaking of Hadley's work and talent.
As for Hadley, she said that the mural represents the name of the church and the nature of the Almighty that it worships.
"God, Jesus, is the living water. When you have a relationship with him, it is like a refreshment."

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