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Published 10:21 am Wednesday, September 24, 2003

By Staff
Fred's money where the mouth is
There is a lot said about supporting firefighters and police officers, and there is all too often little done to make the words a reality.
But there is a refreshing break with that tradition in the form of Fred's.
That establishment has set aside one day, Sept. 16, as the day to show its support for those who protect and serve the community of which it is a part.
It isn't just support, though. Fred is really putting his money where his mouth is.
The profits from that day, meaning sales dollars minus operating expenses, are donated to the local fire and police departments.
Not to some committee, with paperwork, and fill out this form, and then wait.
This is the real deal. The checks will be handed over in November.
It is difficult enough to be an law enforcement officer, or firefighter, and just as difficult to find the funds to run solidly capitalized, well-equipped departments.
That has always been the case, and with state budget cuts looming on the horizon, there has never been a better time than now for a merchant to help out those who serve.
In keeping with that sentiment, it was with pride that we took part in the events of last week that honored and thanked the ones who protect us on a daily basis.
Although the event that caused us to stand up and take notice, the attack on America, was a heinous crime, one of the things that came out of it is a good thing.
That would be a renewed appreciation of the men and women in uniform, police, firefighters and service personnel.
Not only do adults now appreciate them more, but school children are being taught a new found respect for those fields. Once again it is not unusual to hear children talking about becoming firefighters, law enforcement officers or joining the Army, Air Force, Marines or Navy.
For a time in our history as a nation that was unusual, and sadly so.
But it has changed, the pendulum has swung back toward reality.
It is good and fitting, and will continue to be a part of the fabric of our community and nation.
And it is just a reinforcement to see a store in which we shop support the community and its servants with its dollars.

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