Resolutions: Not just for individuals anymore

Published 2:56 pm Wednesday, December 31, 2003

By Staff
Our View
New Year's resolutions can be very good things if they are used as tools, something of a roadmap of where we are in our lives, and where we are going.
There is nothing wrong with deciding once a year to evaluate our situation and determine that some changes need to be made.
For example, an individual may figure out their lifestyle needs to be more healthy, so he or she resolves to eat more vegetables and drink more water.
But resolutions are not restricted simply to individuals. Businesses and municipalities are just as likely to need to re-evaluate their goals and the way in which it has been determined to meet those goals as are individuals. Allow us to point out some of these goals that could be used to make Atmore a better place to live.
First, its newspaper shall strive to be more accurate, less biased and more timely with a greater sense of urgency in relation to the news of its community. It should be tightly written, positive minded and full of news that people need and want to see. It should be delivered just as accurately and carefully as its contents are written.
The administration of the city shall strive to shed all appearance of 'status quo' or business as usual. Notice here we said 'appearance.' It is our belief that there is nothing underhanded or nefarious going on at City Hall, but there is no way to convince the people of that without an effort. Perhaps the place to start that effort is printing an agenda of council meetings in the paper one edition prior to the meeting. Citizens have asked for it and one way to get more citizens involved is make them more aware. But also allow us to throw a bouquet while we are here. It is to the council's advantage that it meets at a time when the most citizens have said they could attend, and that it extends its welcome to those who watch the proceedings with interest.
The utilities department – and by that we mean those in charge of streets and such – could resolve to make a more concentrated effort to keep those streets cleaner. The town looks top notch at Williams Station Day and for Mayfest. We know money and budgets are tight, but surely there is some method for assigning a few hours a week to keep the grass out of the gutters on Presley Street. Maybe there are some community service hours issued by city courts that could be used for that purpose.
In mention of Williams Station Day, the Chamber of Commerce could resolve to go down Pensacola Avenue and take off the tape markers used to denote where the vendors were to locate. There are plenty of good reminders of the festival, we can do away with the duct tape.
But one thing that each and every member of this community must resolve to do is to stop looking for the bad, spreading rumors of impending closure of this or that enterprise, furthering falsehoods of underhanded dealings in the city administration. Learn the facts. Think for yourselves. Look for the good here in this town, and advance the cause which we all share – making this a greater place to call home.

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