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Published 3:40 pm Thursday, February 12, 2004

By Staff
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Relay for Life is coming soon to Atmore. What's your excuse for not joining the fight against cancer?
It's easy to hear about this fund-raiser, think to yourself you'll help, and then put it off. Like all the other, better purposes you want to take part in, the day to day ebb and flow of life seems to pile other priorities above this event.
All those little things can make it easy to say, "maybe next year," make it easy to cop out. But, how many times have you heard the story about that family member or close friend who maybe had that pain that never went away. Maybe you've told that story yourself.
Oh, they were sure it was nothing; a pulled muscle that was taking a long time to heal, ulcers, or any of a number of other, easily solved health problems.
The day to day made it easy to ignore. There were always these other priorities they put above getting their health checked.
Then one day, they discovered the news. It was cancer, it spread, and it was too late.
For those who are diagnosed with cancer early enough, there is hope, but the treatment is often long, painful and difficult, trying the will and human spirit.
Cancer strikes silently, creeping into the cells like a thief in the night without regard to race, religion, wealth or social status.
But thanks to the help of the American Cancer Society and events like Relay for Life, progress is being made in the fight against this deadly disease.
The relay works with local teams forming to walk or run during the relay, raising money through sponsorships, bake sales, garage sales or other fund-raisers.
It doesn't matter how fast or slowly you make your way during the relay. What matters is those who are there.
According to the Cancer Society, more than one million people will be afflicted by cancer each year. One out of every two American men and one out of every three American women will develop some form of cancer at some point during their life.
One of the first events during this year's Relay for Life is the Valentine's dance Friday at the Atmore Lions Club Community Center. There will be other event throughout the coming days, and you'll hear about them here.
There are dozens of ways you can help.
Why wait another year? Are you going to ignore all the signs and wait until it's too late to help, or will you join with the community in a noble cause?

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