Thanks to our civic leaders

Published 4:54 pm Monday, March 15, 2004

By Staff
Our View
What are some significant changes that your next door neighbor made last week? Changes that could potentially affect this town for the better are what we are referring to. We are willing to bet, you would say none, however, is this necessarily the truth? Let's think about this, maybe its not that they didn't do anything, but you just don't know when or what they did. To illustrate this point think about the Chamber Board of Directors, their meetings are held at 7 a.m., while some of us are still hitting the snooze alarm. There is so much being done in our town that we never know about or by whom it's done. Unfortunately, a lot of times we only find out how much a person contributed only after they have passed away.
This thought process stems from the recent death of Mr. Ulay K. Wise. A civic leader of the community who did so much work making the city beautiful, Wise worked diligently and always with a smile. Another resident that has left us is Robin Swift Jr. Swift was successful both in business and his civic endeavors. Like Wise, only kind words are given, when speaking of his name. Together these and other people such as Randy Luttrell, Sr., worked to help Atmore better itself and were involved in many organizations. A couple of example organizations these men where associated with are Rotary Club, on the Board of Directors of Turtle Point, Member of Joy Riders, McCullough Friendship Club, President of the Atmore Lion's Club, Atmore Chamber of Commerce, Atmore City School Board, and Chairman of the Board of Directors of First National Bank.
On Thursday of last week, Mrs. Charlotte Boyle, was recognized at the state level for the role she has played in Escambia County by the Alabama Education Retirees Association. Mrs. Boyle happened to be in the office, and we were fortunate to be able to take her picture for publication. After the picture we pressed for information and were amazed at how much time Mrs. Boyle gives so freely to the many organizations she serves. Many people would agree that in today's world nothing is priceless except time. She is a member and contributes as vice-president of the Retired Teachers Association, chairman of the American Red Cross here in Atmore, on the 911 board, and many others.
These people are only a small portion or a handful of Atmore's citizens that give of themselves so freely for the betterment of our town. They represent both the past and present and give our future generation models of excellence to strive for. Take a moment to look around and remember those people that are unfortunately no longer here with us and for those that are, let's say, "Thank You," for all the work they have done and continue to do. have our thanks.

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