Published 5:45 pm Friday, April 9, 2004

By Staff
Our View
Once again, we see our community banding together in help and support.
As we report in today's issue, members of our community have stepped in with financial support for those in need.
In the first instance, Jewel Singleton has received help in increasing the reward she is offering for information leading to the return of items stolen from her son's grave, and the arrest of those who are responsible for the theft.
In the other instance, members of the Cross Point Baptist Church organized a large indoor yard sale to increase the reward offered in the case of Melinda Wall-McGhee.
Not only did people and local businesses donate items for the sale, but many people simply came by to make cash donations.
There's already a reward offered for information in the McGhee case, but this help will increase the reward by a significant amount.
In conjunction with the yard sale, an account has been set up at First National Bank to take donations.
McGhee has been missing for more than a year now. With nothing new coming out of her case, at least publicly, it would be all to easy to give up hope.
But the members of Cross Point showed that there is more that can be done. Their generosity could be the difference between a case going cold and new leads.
We won't deny that, as a community, we're facing difficult days and difficult times still lie ahead, but the people of this community continually offer us hope that better days will come.
It's that small-town spirit that makes Atmore and the surrounding area home to so many. No matter what happens in Atmore, we hope that spirit stays alive in the hearts and minds of our fellow citizens.
There's power in numbers. Small groups of motivated individuals can come together and move mountains.
We applaud the helping spirit and generosity of the residents of this community and encourage others out there to join the groups working to make Atmore a better place.
Your contribution may be a little time or a little money, but it all makes a difference, and we like to think it is one of Atmore's greatest assets.

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