Hard work just beginning for grads

Published 7:03 pm Monday, May 24, 2004

By Staff
Arthur McLean
Enclosed in this edition of the Atmore Advance, you'll find our annual graduation section, featuring the senior classes from our area high schools.
For more than 20 years, we've been proud to bring you this special publication recognizing our area's young people for their accomplishments.
We do it because we believe in the power of education. We encourage the graduates of 2004 to make learning and education a lifelong pursuit.
Education holds the key to a fulfilling and prosperous future where the only constant is change.
Perhaps you've heard the term "knowledge economy." Today's workplace is constantly changing, being reshaped by new technologies.
Even the "blue collar" jobs of yesteryear are being impacted by new technologies and the requirement for new work skills and areas of knowledge.
Failure to learn, to keep up with this changing world means falling behind. And falling behind means losing out on opportunities.
A high school diploma should be considered just the first milestone in one's education.
We encourage all graduated to pursue higher education.
Census Bureau statistics show that this country values those who pursue more than just a high school diploma.
According to 2002 statistics, a person with a bachelor's degree with earn nearly twice as much per year as a person with just a high school diploma and no college education.
Over the course of just 20 years, that adds up to a difference of nearly half a million dollars in lost income. When you consider potential savings, investment and retirement options, the value of a degree could easily double or triple.
The purpose of an education is not just to get a higher paying job, but, as these figures show, getting more education is well worth the effort.
So, congratulations graduates. Take a little time to consider and savor what you've accomplished, but take another moment to consider what lies ahead and make your decisions wisely.
For all of you, college bound of not, the hard work is only just beginning.
We here at the Atmore Advance believe in the value of education. That's why we devote so much space in our newspaper every week to celebrating the triumphs of our students and teachers.
Enjoy the summer, and look for more education news in upcoming editions of the Atmore Advance.
Arthur McLean is the editor of the Atmore Advande. He can be reached by calling 368-2123, or by email: newsroom@atmoreadvance.com

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