Prepare for hurricanes

Published 9:32 pm Monday, August 16, 2004

By Staff
Our View
Though Tropical Storm Bonnie and Hurricane Charley steared clear of the Atmore area, there's still time and, we're sure, life still left in this year's Hurricane season.
Though Atmore is well inland of other cities like Mobile and Pensacola, we know from past storms that we can suffer significant damage from the monster hurricanes that often spawn in the Gulf of Mexico.
Like the Boy Scouts motto, it would do all Atmore residents well to be prepared if a hurricane does make its way in our direction. And as we pointed out in our hurricane special, the Alabama Gulf Coast area looks to be overdue for a big hurricane, according to severe weather experts.
To that end, take heed of these precautionary measures that we all can take. You've probably heard them before, but it's never a bad time to review. The life you save, as the saying goes, might be your own.
With a hurricane approaching, closely monitor radios and televisions for official bulletins of a storm's progress.
Gas and service your car and take along some extra cash.
Check your batteries and purchase new ones if necessary for radios and flashlights.
If you have portable, gas powered devices like lamps or cookers, have an expert check them to make sure they are in good, safe, working condition.
As the storm approaches, plan to put away outdoor furniture and equipment.
If a hurricane warning is in effect, follow instructions issued by local officials. Store loose objects before the watch is upgraded to a warning.
If an evacuation is ordered, leave early and tell friends or family members of your plans.

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