Celebrating Cooperation

Published 9:38 pm Wednesday, August 18, 2004

By Staff
Our View
A new joint venture between the Escambia County Schools and Escambia County Sheriff's Department, has already yielded results in its first day.
As we reported in this issue, Sheriff's deputies riding with the county's school buses have already charged one driver with failing to stop for a school bus, and marked several other cars committing the same violation.
We believe this program, like the click-it or ticket program will be a success, not only in catching drivers putting our children in danger, but in making the rest of the driving public aware of the law regarding school buses and the consequences of not following that law.
We congratulate the members of the school board and the Sheriff's Department for coming together in the spirit of cooperation to achieve a common goal.
Our law enforcement agencies in Escambia County work together in many ways: through the click-it or ticket program and the 21st judicial circuit drug task force, where our county officials and local agencies like the Atmore Police Department work together, combining their forces to fight crime in our county.
Our local law enforcement agencies could serve as a model for others in the county. The success of the drug task force, click-it or ticket and now the bus program, show how cooperation and teamwork can accomplish more.
We've also seen that cooperation and teamwork in projects like the providing of sewer service just outside the city limits of Atmore. There, the city and county have worked well together. Surely there are more projects where that spirit of cooperation and teamwork would benefit the residents of this county.
Certainly, there is much we don't see from day to day.
But in an age where the competition for jobs, new business and federal and state grants is more intense than ever, our smaller agencies need to put their differences and egos aside and work together for the betterment of all the residents of this county.

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