Godwin plans to leave YMCA

Published 9:49 pm Wednesday, August 25, 2004

By By Chuck Bodiford
After More than four years of service as the executive director of the Atmore YMCA, Terry Godwin is planning to leave.
"It's time to give someone else a chance to change the lives of the kids in Atmore," Godwin said.
"Terry is moving to bigger and better things," said Seth Dettling, president of the YMCA's Board of Directors. "There are no problems to cause this. Terry has had a lot thrown at her, such as not having a lot of money with a building that is very costly. Also, while serving as executive director, Terry has also had to act as a property manager, business and finance manager and manage the entire YMCA staff."
The YMCA recently became responsible for the management of the Atmore Lions Community Center after the Atmore Lions Club deeded the property to the Y.
Godwin said she'd begun to look at other opportunities, "when one just happened to come along at the right time."
Dettling said there is a national trend affecting many smaller YMCAs.
"It is becoming increasingly harder for smaller-sized YMCA's to support themselves economically. The larger YMCAs have support from other organizations allowing them to have access to people that have more experience with the YMCA. This is one thing that we have to weigh when deciding on what course of action to take once an official resignation has been given," Dettling said. "Unfortunately, as a small YMCA, we cannot afford executive directors that have experience and a higher education."
Dettling said he's not sure if another executive director will be appointed to fill the position.
"At this time we are not sure what avenue we are going to take," Dettling said. "We have a couple of different options. At this time the board of directors has not had the opportunity to address the issue."
Dettling said that the YMCA will still remain open and continue to operate as normal.
"We have made a lot of improvements in the past couple of months. We've become more efficient – something that was really needed," Dettling said. " After talking with the staff last week, everyone seems very optimistic."
Dettling said that representatives of the national and area YMCA will be coming to Atmore to address the current status of the local Y, and to help with the operation of the YMCA until the board makes a decision.
"I've talked to Josh Godwin, our program director, and he is going to be stepping up to the plate, taking on a couple of additional duties," Dettling said.
"We ask that the community rally behind us," Dettling said. "If possible, join the YMCA. If you don't have money but have time, think about helping as a board member, conducting fundraisers or something of that nature."
Dettling expressed the highest praise for Godwin.
"Terry had a tough job and was a trooper throughout," he said. "That we are going to miss her is a pure and simple fact. However, we are also very optimistic and excited about what comes next."
Godwin said she appreciated the opportunity to help the children of Atmore. "This is what I have always looked to as far as inspiration," as she picked up a coffee cup from the bookcase behind her and read what was printed on its side. "A hundred years from now it will not matter what my bank account was, the sort of house I lived in or the kind of car I drove. But the world may be different because I was important in the life of a child."

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