You can still help Atmore

Published 9:53 pm Wednesday, August 25, 2004

By Staff
Our View
If you read the front page of this morning's newspaper, you'll know who will be the mayor and members of the Atmore City Council for the next four years.
First, we urge all Atmore residents, whether your candidate won or not, to give your support to our city's elected leaders. In a democratic society, our elected officials can only govern with the consent of the governed. We have two choices after an election, to sink into bitterness and divisiveness, or put our efforts toward moving our city forward.
We urge everyone to make the decision to contribute and make our city a better place. You don't have to love your city council or mayor to volunteer. But working against them for spite will only hurt us all.
We thank every one who decided to run for office, whether this was your first election or your fifth. It takes fortitude to put yourself in the public eye and open yourself up to the questions, and at times, ridicule that can come to anyone in public service.
But don't stop if you lost your race. Again, you can still help Atmore. Just because you're not holding an elected office doesn't mean you should just slip back into private life. You've made a decision to act in running for office. Follow through with that decision.
You don't have to be a mayor or a council member to help the city. You can even help shape policy and contribute in many ways without holding a seat on the council. There are many boards working for the city, boards that could always use people willing to give of their time and energy. These boards may range from zoning to industrial recruitment. Their recommendations are listened to closely by the mayor and city council. It may not be as glamorous, but you will have a hand in shaping this city's future, which, we presume, is why you ran for office in the first place.
We urge you to take action. If you were a first-time challenger, the city could use your energy and fresh perspective. If you were an encumbent, the city could use your experience and knowledge. Don't let either go to waste.

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