Davis calls it a day

Published 10:04 pm Wednesday, September 1, 2004

By By Chuck Bodiford
A year after graduating high school, Marie Davis decided to get a job. She was hired at what is now known as Waller Crook and Jones and has been there until last Friday when she retired, 46 years later.
Showing her knowledge of the operation and what has changed over the years Davis began telling about the four locations she has worked out of over the last 46 years. "When we first started out we were located on the corner of Main Street and 31, upstairs over Main Street Jewelers. We were also on Church Street and here on Pensacola Avenue, but in the building owned by United Bank. In 1968 we built this building here and moved in actually a little before it was ready."
Davis continued talking about some of the changes she has experienced while employed at Waller Crook and Jones saying, "Starting out everything was by hand and then eventually moved to typewriters. I used to think that everything had to be perfect and do a lot of things over, but soon discovered a type eraser, which then changed to whiteout. Lots of things have changed."
Davis was honored at First Methodist Church last Thursday evening with a retirement ceremony. Well over 50 people attended as a friend or family member to wish Davis the best with this next chapter in her life. The office of Waller Crook and Jones presented Davis with a diamond and emerald ring set in gold for her 48 years with the business.
"I finally decided it was time to retire. If I am going to do some other things I like to do, then I better go ahead and get started," Davis said. "I'm going to miss everybody, but I'll be around."
Davis said she is looking forward to staying at home and sleeping late once in a while. She is planning to catch up on some reading and house cleaning possibly even a little gardening.

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