Love thy neighbor

Published 10:34 pm Wednesday, September 15, 2004

By Staff
Our View
Christianity urges us to love our neighbors as we would ourselves.
In this time when the Atmore area braces for the potential destruction a hurricane can bring, it is important to remember this commandment. Whether or not you are religious, it is a wisdom that will serve us well in the days ahead.
Already we've seen long lines in grocery store checkouts and area gas pumps. But we're thankful to report we've seen little of frayed nerves and short tempers so far. Let's keep that up as the storm approaches.
At this time, we can't know exactly where Hurricane Ivan will hit, or how severe the weather here will get.
Assuming the Atmore area receives severe weather and sustains damage from the hurricane, let us remember to keep that commandment, and take it further. Let us help our neighbors as we help ourselves during the recovery.
There's a saying that charity starts at home. If Atmore is hit by the storm, we will certainly receive help from federal, state and local governmental agencies. But with Florida already in the midst of recovery from two major hurricanes, we may not receive as much help as usual.
It may be up to us to help ourselves and our neighbors. Take time to check on your neighbors and their homes. Offer help when you can. We can start the process of recovery ourselves rather than wait for someone else to do it for us.
We offer our best wishes and prayers for the best to everyone during this time.

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