Tigers take win over Devils

Published 10:53 pm Thursday, September 30, 2004

By Staff
Chuck Bodiford
Fairhope- After the heat of battle the Tigers left the stadium victorious over the Blue Devils with a score of 40-7.
Opening the first half the Tigers received the ball and made a steady push offensively to the goal line. Scoring two first downs back to back the Tigers found themselves scoring the first touchdown with 7:19 on the clock after senior Desmond Fields carried it in from the 3-yard line. Mitch Warfield, also a senior at BCHS, made a good PAT. Due to an interception by the Tigers, they took control of the ball for the second time. From the 20-yard line the Tigers made their way to the 2-yard line where a carry from Fields scored the Tiger's second touchdown followed by a good PAT. Again with possession of the ball the Devils seemed not to be able to move the ball forward until they punted, where ECHS junior Darrell Stephens, recovered the ball on the Tiger's 15-yard line. The Tigers took possession after moving the Blue Devils back to the 30-yard line.
Devils senior Delron Staples, intercepted a pass and ran for a 42-yard touchdown followed by a successful PAT with 10:50 on the clock in the second quarter. Later the Devil's Hartley threw the ball away from within the end zone, causing a safety, giving the Tigers an additional two points. Only 12 seconds left in the first half the Tigers made the field goal to lead the Devils at the half, 19-7.
The Tigers scored once on the Devils in the third quarter with a handed-off to senior Montay Bishop, again followed by a successful PAT. In the forth quarter a pass complete to Tiger senior, Jonathon Morrison scored another touchdown for the Tigers followed by a good PAT with 8:22 left of the game. With 5:01 on the clock the Tigers scored again a touchdown off a carry by Tiger junior Wesley Rider. The touchdown was once again followed by a successful PAT.
The clock counted down the Tigers win as the two teams met in the center of the field with the Tigers winning the game 40-7. Rather than the two teams going to their separate prayer huddles the teams prayed together. "We've been through a lot, I can't say I know what you are going through, but there are some similarities," Tiger head coach Jack French said to the Blue Devils after the prayer. "You were a worthy opponent, and you really have some talent. Listen to your coaches. The main thing is that after all this we are all still around and can still play." Coach Mardye McDole said after the game, "Coach French pretty well summed everything up. It's been a rough week. Maybe we can start get back on track next week."

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