Medications demand care

Published 11:18 pm Monday, October 11, 2004

By Staff
Our View
As the knowledge of man has increased over the centuries, two main avenues continue to take leaps and bounds among all others, primarily technology and medicine. The latter has recently been in the news with the announcement last week that Vioxx, a popular arthritis medicine, was recalled due to possibly serious side effects.
It is amazing to think of our progress remembering from history, days filled with "blood-letting" to the present, where controlled radioactivity can be used to kill or impede the progress of dangerous cancer cells.
Unfortunately many times what has been found to cure one ailment can contribute to others. Even with thorough testing, we are still only human and can make mistakes; sometimes mistakes that can prove to be life threaten. Even the most modern "miracle" medications are still undergoing testing to make sure they are still safe for public consumption. The Vioxx drug has been on the market for many years but a defect was finally noted. Remember the Fen-Phen problems occurring in 1997.
Below are a couple of suggestions on use and safety with your medications. As always if you have any questions on the medicines you are taking please consult your doctor or local pharmacist.
It's important to keep tabs on the type of medication you are taking.
Count your pills after the prescription is filled
Read the warning labels and printouts accompanying your prescription.
Don't take your medication for granted. Try to learn as much about whatever you are taking so you will be aware of the side effects and you will be able to judge whether or not it's worth the risk. It's important to make sure you know what you are taking.
Modern medications are essential to our life today as we know. But probably more important is the safe use and handling of these bottled miracles.

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