Tricks, treats and all things sweet

Published 12:03 am Wednesday, October 27, 2004

By Staff
Chuck Bodiford
It's that time again when ghosts, ghouls and monsters of all shapes and sizes are out and about running from door to door and collecting lots of candy. You might find yourself opening the door to a gaggle of little heroes, princesses or pirates; everyone in their sweetest voice yelling, "Trick or Treat." Some of our more outspoken youngsters might even add to the familiar phrase, "or smell my feet," only to liven up the visit of course. As you know Halloween falls on Sunday this year, however, here in Atmore it will be celebrated on Saturday.
Growing up here in Atmore my particular character of choice was to dress up as the Wolfman. I am not exactly sure where this fascination began, possibly from watching Michael Landon run around in the cult classic, "I was a teenage werewolf." If my memory serves me correctly I think Landon was also involved with a werewolf in Walnut Grove while working on Little House on the Prairie.
Whatever the reason, I enjoyed those Halloween nights in front of the mirror strategically applying paint to my face trying to conjure up the scariest werewolf imaginable. This usually resulted in a face that really wasn't identifiable as anything other than a mess. Then it was time for the teeth. Those special teeth completed the ensemble and if you were really lucky they glowed in the dark. I mean come on what respectable werewolf doesn't have glow in dark teeth?
Later I began attending the fall festivals held by some of our local churches. These events were created to give the kids something to do that was not only fun and keeps the kids out of trouble but is safer for our children. It is sad to think that there are individuals out there that would intentionally hurt a child. I remember when I was younger my dad would sit down and go through mine and my sister's candy looking for evidence of it being tampered with.
This year I get to sit in that role as my wife and I take our daughter Lakyn out for a little fun. Our plan is to go only to a few selected places that we feel we can trust. I urge each of you as parents and guardians, please take time to read our safety suggestions to the left and let's all make this Halloween not only fun, but safe as well. Trick or Treat!
Chuck Bodiford is an Atmore native and publisher of the Advance. He may be reached by calling 368-2123 or by email at

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