Maybe it's time to return the favor

Published 2:02 am Monday, January 3, 2005

By Staff
Our View
As a community that has felt great suffering of our own we are deeply saddened by the tragedy and suffering that have taken place since Sunday's massive earthquake and tsunami in the Indian ocean.
As the death toll rises ever higher with each new report it becomes apparent that we need to do everything we can for these people.
When the hurricane hit Escambia the world reached out to help us. Perhaps it's time we return the favor.
There are thousands of ways you can help without even leaving your home. The Red Cross is asking for donations. Their information can be found on page one of this paper. Ebay and their sister company Pay Pal are also taking donations through their eBay Giving Works site and in the MissionFish Directory.
With their program money can be donated either directly or with the money you receive for an item sold.
We need to give everything we can to those people. In Indonesia people were fighting in the streets over ramen noodles because food has become so scarce..
Bodies have been piled into mass graves to help ward off disease.. Thousands of people in India are being vaccinated to help ward off the diseases that have already spread in order to keep the threat of a pandemic at bay
President Bush has announced that the United States, India, Australia and Japan are forming an international coalition to coordinate relief and reconstruction of the 3,000 miles of Indian Ocean rim affected by Sunday's earthquake and the tsunami thatwashed away thousands.
Let's all do our part.

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