Politicians are elected, leaders step forward

Published 2:41 am Wednesday, January 19, 2005

By Staff
Our View
Many complain that government does not listen to the people or that it is apathetic to the needs of our country's citizens.
The fact is our government is a representation of the people. The majority of us are unwilling to get involved in our communities. We are unwilling to be stubborn when it comes to the things that count but unmovingly stubborn about things we can not change.
Every day people fight to keep negative aspects of our world visible while never making an effort to fix them.
Dr. Martin Luther King knew how to get involved in his community. He was stubborn where it counted. Most great men and women are. King was never a politician. In his time it was impossible for him to be one. He did, however, make himself a leader and example to his community.
Unlike many politicians King was a leader not because he only said the things people wanted to hear, but because he was stubborn enough to say the things most people refused to hear.
Baseball, the great American pastime, has been replaced with complaining about the people we have made our political leaders.
It is easy to degrade a president because he lacks articulation of speech, but several hundred million Americans will never have the desire to stop making fun of him and take a part in government at even the lowest levels. Several hundred million Americans will never get involved in their community to change the things that are wrong or repair good things that have fallen into disrepair.
We elect our officials based on how they look or their political party's beliefs rather than what they have done to improve the world.
Forget the political process, forget the backbiting and slander that the television media feeds on. We can all be leaders without huge bank accounts or political affiliations or connections.
We can each step forward when we see a problem that needs to be addressed.
This is what made Dr. King a leader.
The Atmore Advance strives to be a part of this community. Each member of our staff is a leader.
We involve ourselves in civic groups, we walk into the community everyday with a message. We have families and churches and friends that are part of the community.
We can be seen at schools, community events, churches and parades and we want to see each and every person in the community find a way to get involved in the world around them because we have a dream.

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