Congratulations to our outstanding educators

Published 3:02 am Wednesday, January 26, 2005

By Staff
Our View
The Atmore Advance would like to congratulate the Escambia County School Board for recognizing outstanding members of the Board.
Board members receive this honor as part of School Board Member Recognition Month, a statewide celebration of outstanding school board members.
A good education is the foundation of the society we live in and good educators are the building block of that foundation.
The goal of school Board Member Recognition Month is to recognize the school board's outstanding members.
The key role of a successful school board is to see where changes needs to be made and implement those changes. The board is supposed to be held accountable for the educational standards of the community and ensure that those standards are met and elevated as necessary. A successful school board must be able to stretch their resources to give the largest amount of benefit for the largest number of students.
The school board's job is to keep our children in the running with children all over the world.
Outstanding school board members are those that exemplify these ideals.
Outstanding school board members should make student achievement a top priority and make decisions that allow every child the opportunity to explore as many avenues of education as they wish.
We should recognize all the people who make it possible for our children to receive a good education from the school board superintendent to the janitor.
Outstanding individuals in their fields should always receive our highest honors because what our children learn now they will take with them the rest of their lives, wherever their lives might take them.
Congratulations to all our outstanding educators, board members, faculty and advisers.

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