Work on I-65 causing congestion

Published 3:45 am Wednesday, February 9, 2005

By By Lee Weyhrich
Ongoing road work on I-65 could cause delays.
In June of 2004 the Alabama Department of Transportation began work just south of the Atmore exit. According to an official with ALDOT that work will not likely be completed until mid March.
"You should be expecting some lane closures, that work is being done during the day so from morning to night you could expect delays," Vince Calametti the assistant area director of transportation said.
Work had been on schedule until Hurricane Ivan struck, he said. "We're 7.5 percent behind due to the hurricane," Calametti said.
According to Calametti some delays were due to downed trees that had to be removed lest they pose a danger. The rest of the delays were caused by weather and conditions resulting from the storm.
The interstate work consists mainly of regular maintenance. "We're resurfacing the highway to replace pavement," Calametti said. "That should be completed by mid March."
Many of the upgrades are in order to conform to federal and state safety regulations. "We're also doing guard rail upgrades," he said. "We're bringing the guardrails up to current standards and height for interstate speeds."
ALDOT is also upgrading the highways ability to drain water in the event of heavy rains or storms.
"We're extending pipes for drainage," he said.
Delays and lane closings will mainly affect weekday commuters, he said. "The work is being done during the day from the morning to the afternoon," he said.
Calametti said that night time drivers would probably not be affected and that there will be no lane closures on the weekends.
Other officials with the Alabama Department of Transportation including the local head of highway maintenance and development Ronnie Porioux could not be reached for comment..

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