Axis powers align for war

Published 4:22 am Monday, February 21, 2005

By Staff
Our View
Syria has now partnered with Iran in order to try to "protect" themselves from the United states and what they believe is George Bush's anti-Muslim agenda.
Tuesday North Korea announced they had nuclear capabilities. Wednesday CIA director Porter Goss expanded on this shaded threat by saying the communist country continue to "develop, produce, deploy and sell ballistic missiles of increasing range and sophistication."
He added that although Korea claims to have stopped researching a nuclear capable missile that could reach the United States they could resume testing at "any time."
Iran has been accused by some government officials as producing their own nuclear weapons
The "axis of evil" countries have come together as our enemies whereas before the war on terror they were small separate threats.
According to Goss the longer this war lasts the more interconnected these extremist groups will become.
This means that groups that have stayed separate due to conflicting beliefs or agendas are coming together for the soul purpose of conspiring against the United States and our allies.
Over 126 of our allies have been reported as being kidnapped by enemy extremists and they are all being used as bargaining chips.
Our enemies know that we are too honorable to drop nuclear payloads on their countries.
They believe we are too soft to attack when they have all the bargaining chips.
The rules of war we fight by and live by as a civilized country are not the rules our enemies fight by.
Let us hope that our leaders know the right moves to make before it is too late.
It might be time to change our tactics .
In past wars we won by attacking our enemies with overwhelming force. We pushed constantly and our soldiers were supported in any effort.
Since Vietnam we have lost a lot of that support for our nations military and its military endeavors.
To win, to defeat our enemies we must let them know we are not afraid and that any attempt at attack will be pre-empted and thwarted.

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