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Published 5:18 am Wednesday, March 9, 2005

By Staff
Take a stand against Social Security plan
If we were to stand vigil at Oak Hill Cemetery one of these nights, we'd hear our fathers and mothers rolling over in their graves because of the plan to end Social Security as we know it which the administration is propounding.
In Atmore, faith-based charities already carry a heavy load. They were doing so even before President Bush made it a national policy to rely on church charity. If our Social Security system is dismantled the way President Bush has proposed, our people who belong to churches won't have a dime to spare for all the beggars on our street corners.
The administration complains that people need to stop relying on the government. I say Social Security is NOT a government handout. Social Security is not welfare. I will only get out as good as I have paid in. I have been paying into the system since I was 17 years old. Also, The Administration is trying to say that we who are over 55 years of age have no worry in this matter. They want us to sit down and shut up. But, I say, now is the time for us to speak out loud and clear. I guarantee it was people over age 55 back in the 1930's, 40,s and 50's, who honed this system and made it a good one for us. They knew what was needed. They survived the stock market crash of 1929 and the great depression.
According to this newspaper, our representative to the house, Jo Bonner, will be here in Atmore on March 24. He's only scheduled to be here one hour, 1:30 p.m. until 2:30 p.m.. That is not nearly enough time to hear all of us! I wish Mr. Bonner would see banners across Main Street and all around City Hall, saying, "NO, NO, JUST SAY NO."
There is debate nationwide on this topic. We here in Atmore need to take part. The option to make investments is always there for those who can afford to take the risk. And, bellyaching about politicians won't save Social Security. We need to act now.
Write to our senators and representatives. Fax it to them! Send an e-mail! Pastors and preachers can help their people become effective (including our neighbors who might not read this newspaper, might not watch "Face the Nation" on TV, and might not even vote). What if the pastor of each and every congregation wrote a letter and all his congregation signed it? Send it to Mr. Sessions and Mr. Shelby. Bring it to City Hall and hand it to Mr. Bonner.
If each of our little churches sent one letter to each of our legislators – imagine!
Letitia Bertka Digmon

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