Horizons: A glance at Atmore

Published 5:27 am Monday, March 14, 2005

By By Adam Prestridge
Coffee and caffeine. That's what the staff of the Advance has been living on for the past month. This week, we may have to hook up the IV's and filter the go-go juice into our blood stream.
From advertising sales and composing to feature writing and photography, the staff has been running 90-to-nothing piecing together every section of this year's annual Horizon's edition, the paper's biggest supplement of the year.
Even though there is a new publisher and an entirely new editorial staff on board, and the other employees are fairly green as well, isn't preventing us from publishing one of the best, if not the best, Horizon's edition in the paper's history. The staff's hard work and dedication for you, the reader, will be apparent as you flip through the pages of the keepsake edition.
This year's Horizons will still feature A Day in the Life, a collection of photo essays of everyday happenings in our great city. It is very interesting to view the different everyday roles people in Atmore perform from a camera lens.
Horizons will also feature a recreation section, which will feature stories on several of the city's recreational-type activities people in the area can participate in. There will be those obvious recreational activities as well as some not-so obvious activities.
Another section in this year's Horizons will be Health and Fitness. This section will offer helpful information to Atmore residents and newcomers on the types of activities they can do on a daily basis to stay in shape. It also features those people and places that assist when you are in need of medical attention.
Business and Industry will also be included in this year's Horizons. The section will highlight the industrial business in Atmore as well as hometown businesses.
The Community and Education section will feature a wide-range of stories on different businesses throughout Atmore. It will also feature the educators that teach our children in preparation for the future.
The final section of this special edition will be Civic Organizations. This section will feature some of the civic groups that contribute greatly to the City of Atmore as well as it's residents.
Also included in Horizons will be several other tabloid supplements and a few surprises. So don't miss out, pick up a copy.
Adam Prestridge is publisher of The Atmore Advance. He can be reached at 368-2123 or via e-mail at adam.prestridge @atmoreadvance.com.

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