Letter to the Editor

Published 6:23 am Friday, April 1, 2005

By Staff
PETA well on its way to becoming discredited
Recently on "Your World With Neal Cavuto," a regular weekly feature of Fox News, Neal interviewed a spokesperson for PETA (People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals).
During this interview PETA defended its record for supporting terrorism and terrorists. At issue was a $70,000 donation to the legal fees of Rodney Coronado accused by the federal government for the arson of a medical research facility operated by the University of Michigan. PETA contended that they had the perfect right to provide such funds as Rodney Coronado had not been convicted of a crime.
Shortly after receiving the funds Coronado was convicted of the arson and confessed to six others. Over the years PETA has defended several renegade organizations who use violence in promoting their version of animal rights.
By its own record, PETA would shut down every fast food joint in the country, every slaughterhouse, and every medical research facility including laboratories devoted to cancer research. PETA's recent attention to Escambia District Attorney Steve Billy should be regarded as the kiss of the devil.
PETA is well on its way to becoming a discredited organization and many, including myself, are calling upon the federal government to revoke its tax exempt status for activities such as cited above. Mr. Billy acted bravely and mightily in bringing down Mr. Portwood. He stood strongly against a practice that has been going on for years. He undoubtedly has created enemies in the piney woods of Escambia County. He does not need the tarbrush of PETA to hurt what is starting out as a sterling career as District Attorney.
Stick with the Humane Society, Mr. Billy – they do not have an un-American political axe to grind.
Michael H. Thomson

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