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Published 6:45 am Wednesday, April 6, 2005

By Staff
The funeral of Pope John Paul II is the largest in history with hundreds of thousands of mourners making the pilgrimage to the Vatican in hopes of seeing the pontiff one last time.
Pilgrims are pouring into the city so fast that traffic is at a standstill. One Italian police officer described the crowd as quiet and well-behaved.
"It's out of control. But everyone is so patient, so nice, it's a very peaceful multitude," the unnamed police man told a European newspaper.
Volunteers watched the crowds for signs of fatigue and dehydration. Paramedics stood watchful for the safety of the crowd and city officials passed out bottled water to people who needed it.
People from hundreds of nations throughout the world have come together to celebrate the life of a priest once named Karol Wojtyla and mourn the death of the same man, Pope John Paul II.
For a brief moment the people of the world have forgotten wars, rising gas prices, the nuclear power of terrorist countries and other current events, and have banded together.
No one at the Advance is from a Catholic background but we all admire the efforts of the pope to push back communism and promote greater understanding among various religions.
Though protestant doctrine tends to be against any central church power beyond that of God and his son Jesus, protestants throughout the world are mourning the death of a world leader and promoter of peace.
As people of faiths throughout the world mourn the death of this leader it is as if his doctrine of universal understanding is being preached from beyond the grave.
Turtle Point needs support
Our View
National statistics have shown that grade-school students throughout the country are showing less and less proficiency in areas of science and math. More studies, especially in this state, have shown that children in our country are not learning to read at grade level.
The Turtle Point Environmental Science Center in Flomaton is working to correct many of these problems in our county with innovative teaching techniques. Their teaching methods involve every area of learning, including reading, art, science, math, and natural history.
Turtle Point has received numerous awards from state and national conservation groups for their conservation education efforts. The center has been running since its inception on a prorated budget, but has managed to do great things for the county and its children.
We urge you to support what may be the crown jewel of this county.

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