Hendrix looks to future

Published 8:52 am Monday, May 16, 2005

By By Lee Weyhrich
While First Baptist Church of Atmore's new preacher is still settling in, he already has a vision for the future.
"It's a good church already," Rev. Arnold Hendrix said. "It's a church where people love each other and the community, but we need to make a larger impact on the community and God's kingdom and the way to do that is to make more disciples. A healthy church is a growing church."
Hendrix hopes that with God's help and the help of the church's congregation he can move the church into the community.
"I'm still in the process of learning everybody's name," Hendrix said. "Once I develop a good picture of what's here as far as talents I can get a plan from God as to how to best use them. One of the things I want to do in Atmore is get involved in the community."
Not only does Hendrix want to get involved in the community, but he hopes First Baptist can reach farther into the community as well.
"I want to determine the talents of the members and implement methods to share the gospel," Hendrix said.
He also wants to offer classes and programs that would benefit the Atmore community as much as it would benefit the church community.
"I want to offer some life council that would be appealing to the community rather than just the church," Hendrix said.
Council would cover such subjects as marriage, parenting, work-life and stress.
"The Bible speaks on all those ideas," Hendrix said.
As far as radical changes, Hendrix does not wish to change the world overnight. He does plan to implement more technology into the church such as a projection screen in the sanctuary.
"As far as a specific direction it will be a while before I do that," Hendrix said. "You never just come in and make a radical change all at once."
The pastor and his family are excited about the opportunity of moving to Atmore and ministering to the community.
"We're excited about being here," Hendrix said. "It is a church with a lot of opportunity and they really want to do something. We exist for the community; not ourselves"

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