Building up our country

Published 9:21 am Monday, May 23, 2005

By Staff
Our View
Everything comes down to craftsmanship. If something is put together wrong it will have weak points. If there are enough weak points to any construction it will collapse.
When new ECHS football coach Kyle Davis saw that one of his player's shennanigans went against the cohesiveness of the team he let that player go, regardless of the player's ability to perform.
When the Escambia County School Board asked the ECHS principal to step down they did it for the cohesiveness of the structure.
Even in writing there is a construction. And in writing, as in any other thing, if there are enough weak points they can cause problems.
When Newsweek published a story that stated American troops had openly desecrated the Koran, the Muslim holy book, without regard to what a statement like that could mean to the American effort in largely Muslim countries it acted irresponsibly.
Their information was based, not on first-hand information, but on third-hand rumors.
As a result of publishing a lie several Afghans were killed in anti-American riots and there is no telling what ramifications there might be with the War on Terror effort.
Quickly after the story was published it was determined that Americans not defiled the Koran but several inmates had. The inmates tore out pages and stuffed them in the toilet in order to cause the commodes to overflow.
That information was found within a week of the story's publication showing that with a little more work from the writers and an attempt to contact multiple sources they could have learned the same thing.
This country is a structure that requires thousands of other structures to survive.
As long as we work to build solidly and throw out unusable materials our structures will remain strong.
America was founded upon the ideals of a Jewish Carpenter. Is there any reason, then, that we should not make sure everything is done with loving craftsmanship?

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