Use your 911 service

Published 10:23 am Monday, June 13, 2005

By Staff
Letter to the Editor
First established around 1967, 911 gives citizens the easiest, fastest and most direct way to access all emergency services with just one call. There is no need to remember anything but 911 in an emergency.
Instead of wasting precious minutes in a crisis by calling private numbers, 911 is always quickly answered around the clock. Before 911, citizens had to use various numbers to reach different services, whether it was fire, ambulance or police. With the advent of 911, all emergency communications are simplified and much more effective. Even children in schools are wisely taught to always use 911 for any emergency.
The sole use of 911 has many advantages. 911 provides direct access to all emergency services in an efficient communication center that directs all fire, police and ambulance. Your call is quickly answered by trained dispatchers whose computer screens display your phone number, address and location on a map. This feature alone helps provide a quicker,safer response and allows call back capability, which can be invaluable should you get disconnected. 911 calls are also recorded and response times are monitored which provides a reliable record of events and aids in quality control of services provided. You will not get these advantages that you deserve by calling other numbers.
Trained dispatchers evaluate each call, determine what emergency services are needed and immediately get them en route. Through the sole use of 911, there is a quicker response to your needs and less confusion. 911 also allows dispatchers to keep track of what units are available, which units are busy or out of town and where they are located, as long as those units properly call out on the radio. These responsible actions keep dispatchers informed, provide faster service to citizens and help to ensure the safety of emergency personnel.
All of these advantages are just a few of the reasons why citizens should only use 911 in all emergencies. In addition, you pay for 911 through your phone bill and taxes so you should use this service that you pay for. You don't get to benefit from these important advantages by calling private numbers. Any responsible emergency service, whether fire, police or ambulance, will put the best interest of citizens first by encouraging the sole use of 911 in any emergency.
So, if you need the police, the fire department, an ambulance or all three, do the easy, sensible and responsible thing and use your 911 service. It is there for you.
Susan Eiland

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