Healthy eating shouldn't stop at schools

Published 11:11 am Monday, June 27, 2005

By Staff
Our View
Throughout the course of last century, thousands of inventions meant to "make our lives easier" were put on the market.
After 100 years of these inventions, it would appear our lives have gotten too easy.
Obesity is on the rise throughout the United States, and many blame a lack of nutrition in cafeteria lunches as a big part of the problem.
To combat this, state school superintendent Joe Morton has proposed to eliminate junk food and sugary soft drinks from lunch-room menus and vending machines in schools in this state.
That proposal will go before the state school board for a vote July 12.
Getting sweets out of our lunchrooms is a good first step to becoming healthier as a nation. We at the Advance applaud Mr. Morton for his effort to see to it that our children are served good, balanced meals while under the state's watch.
However, healthier eating habits mean nothing if we don't get good exercise and remain active.
It's quite understandable that it is hard to find the time to cook healthy meals and go out for a jog (many members of the staff here at the Advance are good examples of that), but it is important to remain healthy.
If there's one thing the Terry Schiavo fiasco taught us all, it is that we need to have living wills.
But a concurrent lesson can be learned as well, and that is that remaining healthy can delay the advent of health problems such as the ones Schiavo experienced.
While few can claim that every meal they eat is healthy, we at the Advance urge everyone to give a healthy lifestyle a try.
Be sure to stay cool this summer
Our View
Summer is officially here and scorching temperatures are here too.
However, that does not necessarily mean more expensive energy bills for Alabamians.
Below are some tips from the Alabama Department of Environmental Management to stay cool this summer and save:

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