Insurance agents give tips on how to make a claim

Published 11:55 am Wednesday, July 13, 2005

By Staff
After the extensive damages caused by Hurricane Dennis, many Atmore residents will be scrambling to contact their insurance agency to file damage claims.
As many learned last year with Hurricane Ivan, every insurance agency files and handles claims differently.
Keith Castleberry of Maxwell, Haley and Castleberry Real Estate and Insurance says that it is best to call the 1-800 number supplied by your carrier to speak directly to someone who can help.
Castleberry also said that his agency was very busy today, taking calls from people who had damage to their houses, cars and boats, due to falling trees and tree limbs.
Other insurance agencies around town are equally busy and all hope to have the same quick turnaround.
On the afternoon after the storm, Atmore Insurance had already taken around 150 claims, and was expecting many more. Their adjusters are projected to be in the area early this week to access damage.
Susan Hadley of ALFA Insurance said, "Today we've taken mostly home claims and adjusters have started making contacts this afternoon."
Peggy James, also of ALFA, explained the steps that most ALFA insurance carriers follow in order to file a claim. The first step is to call ALFA or stop by their office to inform them of the damage done to your property. Next, ALFA will report the damage to adjusting companies, and from there, those adjusters will make their way to the area.
James explained that storm adjusters are trained to handle natural disasters, and many of these adjusters will come from other states, like Texas and Louisiana, to be dispersed throughout areas of south Alabama.
While most insurance agencies hope for adjusters to start making rounds this week, it could take a while for them to help everyone.
A key element in the insurance claim process is patience. While insurance agencies are working hard to help all their customers, rest assured that they are doing their best job to handle your claims as soon as possible.
Disaster Claim Call Numbers
Allstate 1-800-547-8676
American Modern Home 1-800-543-2644
Encompass 1-800-588-7400
Foremost 1-800-527-3907
Hartford 1-800-759-8656
Lexington 1-800-392-8028
National Flood 1-903-675-2678
Progressive 1-800-274-4499
Safeco 1-800-332-3226
Sagamore 1-800-410-3694
Kirk-Farmers 1-800-435-7764
FEMA 1-800-621-FEMA

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