Diamond could close gas stations

Published 2:25 pm Wednesday, September 7, 2005

By By Janet Little Cooper
Local gas stations are feeling the widespread impact of Hurricane Katrina. Lines began to form just days after the devastating hurricane roared through the Gulf of Mexico. Oilrigs in the gulf waters were heavily damaged causing oil production to come to a halt. Motorist endured countless hours in line waiting to fuel their tanks and some were left stranded with no fuel due to the stations pumps running dry.
Gas prices soared last week, increasing by a .20-cent jump in a matter of hours. The price is not expected to decrease in the immediate future. Diamond Oil owner, Roy White said that things look better today than he thought they would. Diamond currently has 20 stores in operation. Six of those locations are completely out of gas. " We are so used to not running out and have no capability to monitor the situation", White said, " We've never not been able to get fuel." White and Diamond Oil are taking it day by day.
White is currently working to prioritize what locations will receive fuel. According to White, Mobile just received a tanker ship of fuel this week. If the gas situation does not improve, four of Diamond's locations will close until further notice later today.
"We are trying to take care of our community by meeting their needs for gas" White replied, " We are looking at convenience for the people." If any stations do close, White will try to send the employees to other stores. Extra personnel are needed to help control the lines that have been forming at the pumps. According to White, gas is the chains primary sale.

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