Letters to the Editor

Published 3:40 pm Wednesday, October 5, 2005

By Staff
Pray for our service men and women
Hello, I am an active duty service member at Ft. Lewis.
I would like everyone to not forget the men and woman who helped during this tragic phase that Mother Nature inflicted upon us. The next time that you pass by a relief worker pat him or her on the back. Tell them job well done. Let them know it. You may be the one to make their day.
The other day I was at the mall here in Tacoma, Washington. I was browsing the store when all of a sudden a four year old boy came up to me. He tugged at my uniform. Mister thank you for what you are doing. It brought tears to my eyes. When I looked up I saw his father also in uniform. That right there let me know that this little boy was for real. he knew what it took to be the son of soldier.
It is not easy. As it is not easy to be the family member of a relief worker. Who has taken an oath to go out after these disasters many miles away from their safe home to bring peace and calm to an area that has lost it.
Pray for those servicemen and woman and those relief workers.
Douglas Kelley
Atmore residents' kindness brightens visitors' lunch
Dear Editor,
I am not sure if you print letters or not. If so please let me use this way of saying 'thank you.'
I am seventy-four years old. On Tuesday of each week I come to Atmore to visit my sister. She will be 86 in November.
We usually have two of our elderly cousins with us and go somewhere to eat lunch together. On Tuesday, Sept. 27th at about 11:30 a.m., three of us were at Best Western, the other cousin at a doctor's appointment. As we were eating a very nice gentleman told us he had paid for our lunch. We were so surprised none of us could say thank you before he had said, "God Bless You" and left. I believe he had the name HALL on his shirt, anyway he knows who he is and God knows. He brightened our day. It wasn't the money as much as his kindness to three very senior citizens. I pray God will richly bless him.
Evelyn Beasley
Jay, Fla.

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