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Published 4:38 pm Tuesday, October 25, 2005

By By Janet Little Cooper
The City of Atmore and The Atmore Advance go together like peanut butter and jelly.
The Advance has been a part of this great city for 75 years. For the most part, the Advance has done well by its city and her many wonderful citizens and businesses all these years.
But as many of you know, the Advance has seen some difficult times in the last couple of years. During which time, many of you lost faith in the paper and turned to other sources to get your news. Being a news lover myself, I can understand. I too, was on the outside looking in. And I must admit, I didn't like what I was seeing, or better yet not seeing. I even on several occasions called one of the many publishers that passed through, offering them news tips and ideas for features.
Despite the downward slope the Advance was accelerating into, I continued to read. Knowing the rich history and tradition of the newspaper gave me hope that one day it would return to it's cherished status of Atmore's Hometown Newspaper.
I say all of this, because our dedicated readers know that we are once again losing another employee. Tim Cottrell our sports editor, whom I consider the best, has accepted the same position at another newspaper in north Alabama. Tim has done a wonderful job covering the local sports and will be missed by us, his coworkers and you the reader.
I feel certain that many of you may be thinking of times past when the paper experienced a revolving door of employees as we see Tim move on.
If I were to still be on the outside looking in, I might very well be thinking the same thing. Fortunately, I am no longer outside looking in, but am instead on the inside looking out.
I see a publication evolving into one worthy of reading, coming back to its city bigger and better than before. This evolution began when our publisher came on board almost a year ago. Adam Prestridge has brought the dedication and drive that is necessary in the newspaper business back to the table.
He has worked tirelessly to print a quality publication in not only newsworthy content, but also a professional design that is deserving of such a city and newspaper. Adam's passion for the city and its people is not typical of an out-of-towner. He has worked diligently and sincerely on restoring broken relationships and rebuilding broken bridges throughout the area that came during the previous rocky years. He and his wife are committed to Atmore.
We have literally been busting at the seam with hard news as of late. Adam and I are working hard to bring you news the way it should be. There is good news and bad news. We as a staff hate to see the bad news happen, but also realize the tremendous responsibility bestowed upon us to present it to you, the reader. Sad? Yes. Harsh? Yes. Necessary? Yes, that is why it is called a newspaper. The concept came with the idea of relaying news to the readers even if it wasn't good news.
Since I came aboard almost two months ago, I have become reacquainted with many old friends and am encouraged by their active participation in supporting the Advance. I am blessed to be able to share the many stories of interest that I do with you. While our goal is to provide you with an accurate account of news items, the Advance is also dedicated to giving you what I refer to as 'feel good stories.'
The Advance is now offering readers a balanced mix of news and lifestyles stories twice each week. The paper has gone through rocky times, but is now standing tall and firm on top of that rock. The first step in the Advance's climb to the top of the rock has come in the completion of a full staff. From composing, advertising, to circulation, we are all a good team. Actually we are more like family with each deadline that passes. From the publisher down, we are all committed to carrying the tradition of being Atmore's Hometown Newspaper all the way. Thank you for the many phone calls, emails and visits.
It is truly a pleasure to see you smile!
Janet Little Cooper is the lifestyles reporter for the Atmore Advance. Her column appears weekly.

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