Construction begins at park

Published 5:52 pm Wednesday, November 16, 2005

By By Matthew Nascone
The construction has begun.
Lamar Stewart and his six-man crew have started ripping up the light fixtures in Tom Byrne Park. Residents around the park awoke Tuesday morning to the sound of a backhoe ripping into the soft dirt around the baseball fields.
"It is going well today," Stewart said Tuesday.
Stewart and his crew from Titan Electric started demolishing the light poles Tuesday at 7 a.m. Stewart said the week will be spent taking down all the old light poles.
"We will be working on the large baseball field so that it is done in time for the high school baseball season," he said.
As Stewart, Jay Upton and Ryan Layton worked on tearing down the light poles, Ron Waites and Earl Plumber were hard at work bringing the scoreboard down.
Stewart said the plan for the construction effort would be completed by the end of March 2006. After the crew is done taking down all the old light poles and scoreboards they will dig underground trenches for the electrical wiring of the new poles.
Following the digging of the trenches the foundations for the new poles will be set and six weeks later the poles will be put in place and cemented.
Every field at Tom Byrne Park and Houston Avery Park will receive a renovation with new light poles and scoreboards. Another facet of the construction effort will involve the straightening of the light fixtures around the tennis courts and the repairing of the light fixtures around the swimming pool.
Updates to the construction effort will be available as Stewart and his crew progress through the project.

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