Letters to the Editor

Published 6:15 pm Wednesday, November 23, 2005

By Staff
Honor veterans appropriately
Most Americans celebrated Veterans Day 2005, but only few celebrated it by honoring, thanking, and recognizing veterans.
Among the selected few who went all out and celebrated Veterans Day 2005 appropriately were the faculty, staff and students of Northview High School, Ernest Ward Middle School and Bratt Elementary.
Several members of the Atmore VFW Post 7016, Veterans of Foreign Wars, were privileged to be present at celebrations conducted by these schools.
For the past five years – probably more – but only five that I have attended, Northview and Ernest Ward conducted fantastic and impressive Veteran's Day programs. Programs at these schools seem to get better and better each year. Not only are the programs well done, but the faculty and staff and students at each school are filled with enthusiastic patriotism, and genuinely demonstrated gratefulness to veterans for their service to our great country.
Also impressive to the veterans who attended the ceremonies were the cleanliness of the schools and the conduct of the students. At every turn we veterans took, we were greeted with friendliness and politeness.
It made us proud to be associated with such fine, courteous young people. It certainly gave us confidence to know that our country will be in good hands in the future if this trend in young people continues.
Incidentally, students at Ernest Ward presented our post with a beautiful, handmade wreath that is proudly displayed in the main meeting room of our VFW Memorial Hall. I'll say more on this later as we would like the community to see the works of these students.
We, Atmore veterans, tip our hats to the faculty, staff and students at Northview, Ernest Ward, and Bratt Schools, and thank you, thank you for making our Veteran's Day 2005 meaningful and enjoyable. God bless you all, and may God continue to bless the United States of America.
Lee "Lavan" Martin
VFW Post Commander
Gifts from God
I keep hearing and reading about the number of Military personnel that are wounded or killed in service to their country and it is indeed heart breaking because every life is precious.
What I am not hearing or reading enough about are all the killed pre-born babies. They number in the thousands every day and that includes the ones that are partially delivered before being surgically killed.
I am aware of Women's Rights, but no one person owns another person. Slave masters did not own the slaves and out of that came the Dread Scott decision.
A woman does not own her child. That baby is a God gifted individual entitled to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.
I heard a godly preacher say, "There is no such thing as an unwanted baby, they just have not found the right parents."
If America had not made abortion legal years ago, most of the individuals would be in the work force now paying into Social Security and helping to fund all the other government programs.
We are killing off our posterity. God is merciful beyond measure, but when we know that something is wrong and we continue to uphold it, we are accountable. God Save America.
Prayerfully submitted by,
Carolyn B. Morris

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