Letter to the Editor

Published 7:03 pm Wednesday, December 7, 2005

By Staff
In search of the real spirit of Christmas
The celebration of Christmas is a delicious spiritual banquet is yet to come, and it will be eternally satisfying.
Part of the real Christmas spirit is the hope it inspires in us the day when Jesus will come again, no longer the baby in the manger, but the Lord of all the Earth.
Christmas lights will never be extinguished. The joy will never fade. Peace on earth, good will to men will no longer be a hope or a motto on a Christmas card. It will be the actual inheritance of all who have longed for his appearing.
Each Christmas we keep lights on, knowing that promise is a little closer.
So this Christmas, and for all the days thereafter, my goal is to keep the lights on in my heart in anticipation of his return.
When he does, the last Christmas morning will dawn and never end.
This year allow yourself, even schedule yourself a quiet walk, to find a place where you can see more of what God has made than what man has made.
As you do, remind your self, My God walked this planet. Allow all the pain and sorrows and difficulties you face to be put away.
And one day the Earth will be renewed and so will we. He will come again and you will see Him face to face forever.
So we find the real spirit of Christmas is a deep-seated, lingering joy in knowing that the story is true. Have a Merry Christmas.
Jr. Matheny

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