Achievements recognized in future?

Published 8:05 pm Wednesday, January 4, 2006

By By Matthew Nascone
Lou Vickery has a vision for former Atmore residents who have made it big. He plans to propose an Atmore hall of fame, but this will not only be for sports superstars.
"I want to have a true Atmore Hall of Achievement," Vickery said. "This idea is built around recognizing the great people that have lived in Atmore."
Vickery said he plans to set his project in motion Jan. 19 with an organizational meeting. This meeting will be a forum for people to talk about how they want to make the hall a reality.
"Anybody who would like to come and be a part of it should show up on Jan. 19," he said. "We have a lot of work to do and I want to get the ball rolling."
The Hall of Achievement will be somewhat of a learning tool for visitors of Atmore and others.
"I think the young people don't have a feeling for heritage in this town and we have had some outstanding athletes, politicians, educators and so forth come through this town," Vickery said. "I just think we are missing something."
That void would be filled by some kind of commemorative hall, Vickery said. Some of the famous people who have called Atmore home include, Evander Holyfield and United States Senator G.R. Swift.
"I would like for people to send me nominations for any person they think belongs in the hall," Vickery said.
Nominations can be sent to his home at 1879 Old Bratt Rd. Atmore, AL 36502. They can also be sent via email to

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