Letter to the Editor

Published 10:23 pm Wednesday, February 22, 2006

By Staff
Replanting Atmore takes time, support
Good stewardship begins at home. In this government, landowner's partnership, financial and technical assistance is offered through the National Resource Conservation Service. However, individual property owners are responsible for getting the work done.
Your area is to plant grass and trees, and other vegetation to create windbreakers, stream bank stabilization and green buffer. The buffers are planted along field edges to absorb farm chemicals and help keep sediments out of the waterways.
At the heart of every stewardship project is an individual who cares about trees and the land. The National Arbor Day Foundation salutes all of our members who care for the land. Whether it is through donations or simply planting a tree, stewardship does begin at home and all of America reaps the benefits.
Good stewardship results in more stable soil and cleaner water. Vegetation filters out excess farm chemicals and stabilized the bank of a creek keeping the water clean for fish wildlife and human use.
Elsewhere, windbreakers spread across the land helps farms to be more productive and profitable.
The Foundation of the Tree City USA program is to promote the kind of preparedness and cooperation that enables a community to spring back from the effects of inevitable wind, snow, and ice storms.
Proper tree care mitigates destruction. Damage to a tree is less when they have been properly pruned. After a storm making a list of available tree care companies that are skilled in damage assessment and pruning practices that save damaged trees instead of just removing them can prevent further loss of trees.
Generally, anytime that the leaves are still on is a good time to spot and remove dead wood and to control sprouts. To be safe we recommend waiting until late winter or early spring to prune most trees.
As or flowering shrubs, the guideline is to prune spring flowering shrubs immediately after the bloom is over. Shrubs that flower in mid to late summer should be pruned in winter of early spring.
We had a dry summer and now is the time to deep water your trees and shrubs, especially the young ones. This will help them through the winter in case cold weather hits before more rain hits the soil.
This year if educators who would like to take part in the 5th grade poster contest, you can request poster and education materials for 2006 from the National Arbor Day Foundation. Last years winner was Christy Reid of Hayden Lake, Idaho, chosen from 75,000 classrooms in 48 states and the District of Columbia.
This year I have chosen Fred's for Flower Rose, jumbo roses and for topsoil and Marvin's for Flower and top sold for flowering plants.
My sites are: Rachel Patterson, A.C. Moore, Escambia County High School, Escambia County Middle School, Atmore Community Hospital, and the cemeteries for Atmore.
Roses are forever and they come back every year. In the loving memorial we are asking you to remember Coalition National Park in the donation of one dollar for a tree or rose bush planted in a loves ones name.
In Atmore, I would like to thank all of the area businesses for their great work and for all homeowners for there great work as we are recovering from an "Act of God" that almost destroyed Atmore in 2004-05.
Yvonne Yelder
Arbor Day Foundation

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