EA track golden

Published 11:37 pm Thursday, March 16, 2006

By By Matthew Nascone
Ask any athlete if winning feels better than losing and 99.9 percent of them will answer with a resounding yes!
Well the Escambia Academy girl's track and field team knows what it feels like to leave the track as winners, as they defended their home track last Saturday against Mobile Christian, Cornerstone, Kingwood and Edgewood with a 97-point performance.
Mobile Christian came in second right on the heels of EA with a score of 94.
The EA boy's team did not so much feel defeat, as disappointment as they were edged by Mobile Christian 135-125 to take second place in the "We couldn't capitalize on some good opportunities."
Corey Flowers, McNeill and Chris Frost picked up one hit each and Farrell Staples and Flowers scored Big Blue's two runs.
The Blue Devils travel to Flomaton for a matchup with the Hurricanes tomorrow.

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