New growth in Atmore a plus

Published 12:46 am Friday, April 14, 2006

By Staff
Letter to the Editor
Thank God!! It seems as though Atmore is finally being allowed to have some new industry come to town. Thumbs up for the Walgreen's you are going to be getting. Now, they need to fill some of the empty buildings throughout the town. I'm anxious to see when the casino starts bringing in some businesses, hotels, food places, etc… how much better it will be for Atmore. I don't "live" there anymore but I do come home often and feel so bad to see how blah Atmore is. There is absolutely nothing for the kids/teenagers/young adults or (for that matter)anyone to do in that town. It is really sad. I was home a week or so ago and I did go into the new B.C. Moores. It was awesome. I know they have just sort of existed for along time now but when I went in the other day, I felt like I was going into a store in one of the malls that I get the opportunity to go into all of the time as I travel. That move for them was a plus and I wish them the very best. Maybe there is a lot more to come. Yea! Again for Walgreens and Good Luck Atmore.
J. Rowland

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