Letter to the Editor

Published 2:10 am Wednesday, May 10, 2006

By Staff
Theft of family pet hits family hard
It's a wonder why someone would steal a family pet. Theft of any property is wrong. However, stealing a family pet is very devastating to a child who has become attached to their pet.
What is happening to the youngsters in our community? I've had my home burglarized and some items were taken, but these were material things and you can replace them, and you have ill feelings about it. But when someone steals a family pet, it's almost like kidnapping someone from your family.
There has been a lot of wrong information about this breed of dog that was stolen from our yard (The American Pit Bull).
But every owner of the "American" pit-bull dogs are not involved in the activities you've heard about them.
This is what compelled me to submit this article. These dogs are just as loveable as any other breed of dogs. They chase ball with the children, they lick their face when they come home from school just like any other dog would.
But to imagine your family pet walking around with thick chains hanging off them and scars on their face, it is no wonder they are looked at as vicious animals when in fact they are really abused animals. Hopefully someone reading this article knows the individual or individuals responsible for this criminal act and will have them return the family pet before it is abused.
It is a five-month-old American Pit Bull, brindle color with nicely cropped ears and answers to the name, "Buck".
Let's all do at least one thing to prevent crime in our community. If you have any information, call 368-1756.
Harold Mason

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