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Published 2:57 am Wednesday, May 24, 2006

By By Yvonne Yeldon
Thank you for supporting the National Arbor Day Foundation in our efforts to make our planet more beautiful and healthier for all the creatures (including us) who live here.
Recipients will be elated when they receive this unique gift. A greeting card certifying that you've received a tree planted in your honor
To plant a tree in someone's honor is a gift of generosity and kindness and a worthy way to celebrate a holiday to commemorate life.
Many life milestones are shared on this earth. It is a wonderful gift that will be treasured by the recipient and the beautiful Give a Tree card will announce the gift in style. They are both a memorable present for anyone that shares your concerns.
Your gift tree will grace a National Forest that serves as a gateway to Yellowstone National Park, America's most popular National Park.
This forest is in dire need of restoration as it has recently been decimated by fires putting more than 200 animals in peril. This includes 12 species that are already endangered or regionally classified as "sensitive."
Unlike any other gift you can give, the tree that will be planted there will grow and prosper. It will provide shelter and shade. It will generate oxygen, control air pollution, and prevent soil erosion.
In its own horrible way, it is quite amazing to see a fire storm through a forest.
The sheer power of of it, the speed, the searing heat and the way the majestic trees are consumed in its path.
There is heartbreak by fire for the wolf, bear, lynx and chipmunks.
They won't hide from the devastation of the fire. However, with your help, there is rebirth.
The survivors are without shelter or food source and corroded from both sides, there is no longer trees to keep it in place.
And the terrible smell of smoke, fire and death.
With your help young trees will take root and begin to give life giving oxygen and shade and shelter that the creatures rely on.
Slowly the sound will return to the drill of the woodpecker, the song of the wrens, the rustle of the wild pup scampering along the forest floor. Their is movement and there is growth, there is life, precious, priceless life.
That is why you support is appreciated and why you are to be commended for your commitment to this worth y cause.
As Tree City USA of the Arbor Day Foundation, we thank you for your support.
You can mail your one dollar donation for a tree to Arbor Foundation 100 Arbor Avenue, Nebraska City, Ne 68410 or mail to Yvonne Yeldon at P.O. Box 14483 Atmore, Ala. 36502.
Those businesses recognized for supporting the 2006 Arbor Day Foundation in February are: United Bank, First National Bank, Hainjes, City of Atmore Beautification Department, Radio Shack, Beans Store, Joey's Furniture, New York Fashions, and Maxwell and Haley Castleberry Real Estate and Insurance.
Give the gift of a tree to the one you love this year. It is a wonderful way to remember your loved ones on Memorial Day as well.
Yvonne Yeldon

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