Veterans: Our greatest treasure

Published 3:19 am Wednesday, May 31, 2006

By Staff
Letter to the Editor
Northview High School would like to take a moment to recognize and to honor some very special individuals: the veterans of the United States Armed Forces. For the past eleven years, the entire history of Northview High School, the veterans, especially the members of the Veterans of Foreign War in Atmore, Alabama, have been loyal friends and guests of Northview High School.
Over the years as the students have performed in the annual Veterans Day Program or as the cadets have performed in the annual Naval JROTC inspection day, the local veterans have come. They have come to recognize and honor the presence and to acknowledge and remember the past. These veterans are Our Greatest Treasure. They repeatedly tell us how much they enjoy the presentations and activities; however, they do not realize how much we gain just from their presence.
As educators, we struggle each day to teach the values that these men and women exude as living memorials to a belief in a country and a way of life. Unfortunately, many of these veterans may feel that their contributions were during a service overseas, a theater of war, a stateside tour of duty, etc. While not meaning to minimize any length or type of service, it is with honor that we convey to each and every veteran that not only does their histories live in the annals of service, but also in each and everyone's portrayal of the "living legacy."
On behalf of every student who passed through the halls of Northview High School and of every employee in any capacity, we say, "Thank You" to each and every veteran. Please know that you are remembered on national holidays and throughout the years.
Northview High School remains dedicated to the support of all veterans. Join us in applauding these treasured individuals.
Gayle B. Weaver
Northview High School Principal

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